About Us

The evolution of AIM STEPs was necessitated to create scale for the vast scope of social business opportunities undertaken via theSTEPs.org, an association comprised of prominent member companies that have expertise and track record in sustainable development projects. As its name suggests, theSTEPs.org is an umbrella organization that brings together various private and public sector entrepreneurs and organizations with the common goal of achieving positive social impact. We have already deployed $16+ million of financing for over 8,000+ enterprises, and now looking to expand and scale up by launching the STEPS IMPACT FUND to allow participation in the investment opportunity by institutional investors and development agencies. The MSME sector in Bangladesh has been largely untouched by global impact investors - there is a significant opportunity for alternative lending to this sector by using financial innovation, industry experience and local know-how.

Leveraging the depth of our collective experience and capabilities, AIM STEPs is TAKING TRANSFORMATIVE IDEAS AND ACCELERATING THEIR IMPLEMENTATION BY UTILIZING TECHNOLOGY AND FINANCIAL INNOVATION. The impact of each initiative on the ground is evaluated such that we can iteratively improve our efforts to achieve social welfare on a larger scale.


To be the best in class impact investment manager by revolutionizing the way financial inclusion of the under-served MSMEs helps to create an attractive investment opportunity for global investors whilst promoting sustainable growth for developing nations.


  • To deliver market-competitive returns for our valued investors by incorporating innovative technology- enabled processes and data-driven analytics to screen, evaluate and monitor investments in sustainable social businesses in emerging economies.
  • To provide scale and intelligence to ecosystems of vibrant social businesses that allow participation by investors interested in pro-actively doing social good to create a sustainable future for our planet.
  • To bring Bangladesh to the forefront of the global institutional investment community and demonstrate a new paradigm in thought leadership for investment philosophies.


To stay true to the cause with integrity and humility and being adaptable to changing conditions to deliver the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.