Alternative Investment Management of Social Transformation Enabling Projects

AIM STEPs is an alternative investment management company positioned around social and environmental mandates that take a consortium approach to impact investing. We manage institutional investor portfolios using innovative structures and synthetic solutions (including private equity and quasi- equity instruments) to enable access to unique investment opportunities and derive the best value for all stakeholders.

AIM STEPs is structured as an association of highly motivated social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, academics, social development experts, finance & technology professionals and their organizations with the common goal of bringing about positive social change. Harnessing the collective skills of some of the nation’s greatest innovators and intellectuals, every STEPs project weds idea with action to generate impact. AIM STEPs generates innovative solutions to pressing social problems by bringing together the right combination of individuals and organizations and being present on-the-ground to implement said solutions.

In solving the world’s most complex problems, a multidisciplinary approach is often needed. The same holds true, in our opinion, for addressing the challenges faced by impact investors in emerging economies, especially in the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (“MSME”) sector. Recognizing this early, we have taken a consortium approach by including experts with a proven track record. Our partners from theSTEPs.org are market leaders and domain experts in their fields, each with a unique set of skills, requisite regulatory licenses, and years of experience.

50,000+ Investable MSMEs in our Network


  • Our Consortium partners have been active in the MSME space in various capacities.
  • We currently have access to a 70,000+ rich dataset of MSMEs.
  • A subset of this group is already under the i-SME Platform and thus we will have detailed quarterly financial data updates of these MSMEs.


Large Nationwide Footprint


  • 17 Districts
  • 30 Points-of-presence
  • ~100+ Field Agents / Marketing Officers with average of 10+ years of experience
  • 7 Regional Coordinators
  • BDT 132+ crores (USD 16+ million) of financing deployed to 8,000+ MSMEs



High level of Automation


  • i-SME platform